Wait 48 hours before washing. Here’s why: Oxidation happens when the color pigments secure to the hair strands in this time period. If you wash before the 48 hours, this can cause your new color to fade extremely fast.


Lightener is applied to your hair to remove color pigment. Hair is made up of 90% Keratin protein, which is naturally yellow. The color pigments in your hair range from red, orange, yellow, pale yellow. The darker your natural hair color is the more pigment you have to work through beginning at Red. When lightener is applied we are removing those undertones layer by layer. Each layer varies in thickness from person to person which is why Balayage, a gentle lightening approach typically takes multiple sessions. This is where a gloss comes in to play, we like to call it the icing on the cake!


Glossing: What it is & Why you have it: A gloss is a Demi-permanent hair color added to you hair after we have lightened it to your desired level. Glosses are designed to cancel out any unwanted pigments that naturally come through during the lightening process. Demi-permanent color lasts anywhere from 6-12 shampoos. We advise guests to shampoo their hair only 2-3 times a week to ensure proper natural oil production & longevity of their color. We also recommend maintenance glosses every 6-8 weeks to keep those unwanted tones at bay and to keep your hair lookin’ fresh! We also can send you home with Evo  Fabuloso Pro customized color depositing conditioner. Its like having a gloss in your shower for once a week maintenance!



Protecting your skin from the sun is just as important as protecting your hair! Sunscreen for your hair?? Look for products that have built in UVB, UVA protectants in them keeping your new color protected!


What is it? Hard water is water that has a high mineral content. High mineral contents can cause extreme hair color fading, build up on your scalp, and hair dryness!

Here’s how to fix it:

1. Install a shower head with a built in filter to keep those minerals away from your hair!

2. Use a Clarifying Shampoo once a week. ( We recommend SOLU by Davines which has buckwheat extract in it and takes a more natural approach to removing those unwanted minerals. Buckwheat is rich in proteins, antioxidants and amino acids to gently clarify and hydrate your hair.

3. Use products that have a built in treatment such as Malibu hard water treatment packets.


Shampoo will either save your color or kill it, real quick! Some ingredients to stay away from are: Sodium Laureate Sulfate, Sodium Laurel Sulfate. These ingredients are added to shampoos because they are cheap foaming agents, however, they will strip your color almost instantly! They are also linked to direct damage to the hair follicle and scalp irritation.